Helping impact-minded founders build a better world with a better business.

PurposeLed is an organization of designers, strategists and project managers who believe that engaging in ethical, people-first business practices is not just our duty as business leaders, but that doing the right thing also future-proofs our businesses and our communities by making them stronger and more competitive.

We are the social enterprise arm of Toronto branding agency, Famous Folks.
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of respondents reported that purpose should receive more weight than profit.
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The right tools for the right leaders

We are creating the tools and resources to help this community grow so it can be the solution the world is demanding: businesses that are successful BECAUSE they put people before profits. These are the same branding tools big brands pay tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop so they can dominate the market. That sort of investment is a trivial expense for major corporations. Now with PurposeLed, small businesses and startups, have these techniques within reach. 

The biggest investment you'll make is something you have plenty of: elbow grease.

This is our moment

We can be the change we want to see. Government is gridlocked, nonprofits are limited in what they can do and big business is still too focused on a profit-first approach. The consumer demand for purpose-driven and impact-minded businesses is overwhelming and we're the only ones who can fill it. Change will not happen unless we make it happen.
Building a business

Our Co-founders

Adam Maclean

Adam MacLean

Co-founder PurposeLed

Jay Dingwall

Jay Dingwall

Co-founder PurposeLed

The reason we started PurposeLed

We started PurposeLed because we were tired of being a part of the problem. We've worked for some great brands in 20 years in branding—Nike, Red Bull, Salesforce—but we've also worked for some pretty terrible ones that do some pretty awful things. Big Tobacco. Mining. Big corporations that steal water from underprivileged communities. 

That's the unfortunate reality of the creative industry and we didn't want to do that anymore. We didn't want to be a part of the problem. We wanted to build a successful and profitable business that was an active part of that solution. It took us a while to realize that was actually possible.

Our agency, Famous Folks, doesn't do business with companies that don't have an ethical approach to business anymore. Our team developed our first product, PurposeLed Brand Builder, so more founders and business leaders could access the tools they need to create successful B2B or B2C businesses in any category that foster positive change in the world.  

A better business = a better world

If we could convince you of anything, it's this: you don't need to make business decisions that are harmful to others or the planet, directly or indirectly, to be profitable. 

You just don't. 

There's always a better way, even if it's just a little bit better. That better way is an important part of your offering, something your customers value enough to pay more for it—if you have messaging to support it. 

Why we think PurposeLed is the better way.

We've taken a lot of online courses, and generally speaking, they are not very good. You learn something, but it's not something you couldn't learn on YouTube. And the experience is really not very different. Watch some videos, take some notes. Make a list or two in a workbook. 

With PurposeLed products, you are building tools, step-by-step, that you can start using right away. The insights you develop give you a completely new understanding of your business and the relationship you have with your customer.

This is a skillset every founder and business leader needs and it's an understanding that all of the transformational leaders of the last 50 years shared. They knew how to use branding to craft inspiring stories, even if the product wasn't all that inspiring.  

Beginning of a movement

Purpose has been around for a while. Patagonia has been a purpose-driven brand for over 40 years. But now consumers, regardless of generation, are demanding change and accountability—and business is taking notice. There is a real movement happening and the message is clear: start putting people before profits or get left behind. 

We're all in. And we hope you are too. We post regularly on this topic on Twitter and you'll find stats, examples and the business case for purpose from PurposeLed on Instagram. Join us, and others like you, in helping to amplify this important moment.