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What is Brand Purpose?

Brand purpose is the most important strategic tool your business will ever have. It's similar to a mission statement, but it places more emphasis on social good and elevating stakeholders' interests over those of shareholders. People over profits. There's a very good reason why the big consultancies like Deloitte, McKinsey and E&Y place so much importance on brand purpose—it has the power to transform your business inside and out, fostering dedicated employees, loyal customers and increasing the value of what you sell.

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Why should I care about brand purpose?

From a human point of view, you should care about brand purpose because it's a powerful tool for creating positive change in our world. Brand purpose makes it easy to do the right thing. As a founder or business leader, you should care about it because it simplifies everything about your business, from operations to culture to marketing. What's better than that?

What is PurposeLed?

PurposeLed is an organization dedicated to helping founders and business leaders build a better world by building better purpose-driven businesses. Our focus is on helping you learn the process of branding (a skillset that separates the good founders from the great), by building the tools you need to success.

What does 'purpose-led' mean?

'Purpose-led' or 'purpose-driven' both mean companies that are organized around a central idea, usually a social good. For the past 10 years, we've been experiencing a shift in how the world does business, going from profit-first to people-first. Societal problems like climate change and equality are increasingly important to consumers, and as gridlocked political institutions fail to do anything about them, people are expecting businesses to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. Those that don't, are being left behind and facing uncertain futures as Gen Z and Millennials establish their dominance over global marketplaces.

Brand Tools

What are brand tools?

'Brand tools' are a term we use for the individual elements of a 'brand strategy'. These are things like brand values, brand personality, brand story and of course, brand purpose. Honestly, we try to avoid using the term 'brand strategy' if we can because it confuses most people, which isn't very helpful. These tools are frameworks that are essential for building up the idea of what your brand is and making sure it will actually connect with your audience (including your employees) in a way that makes your business meaningful and gives it a clear competitive advantage.

What is a brand?

This is a long explanation, but it's worth it. Even people in branding and marketing have trouble describing what a brand is and that's because it's a bit abstract (which is unfortunate because it's so so so important). A brand is really just an idea or feeling. If you think about a brand you like, you probably get a feeling about it. That feeling is an idea that's been built up over time by being exposed to the words, images, color and symbols it uses. In other words, it's been created by your experience. If enough people have the same experience and a similar idea of what your brand is, then you have a strong brand. And if that experience is good—it isn't always—then you've likely created a lot of trust with your audience, which is a very good thing for business.

You can't force a brand and you can't tell people what your brand is, you have to show them. To do that you need to communicate with them using carefully selected words, images, colour and symbols. And it all has to make sense together (and that's why frameworks like brand tools are so important).  

Will these brand tools help me with marketing?

Yes, branding informs marketing. It takes the guesswork out of content creation and gives you a frame of reference, if and when, you need to course correct. Brand tools tell you who your customer is and what motivates them, so it's essential that you do some amount of branding before you start marketing.

Does brand increase my company valuation?

It sure does. A clear brand shows investors that you're serious about your business. It demonstrates that you are a competent leader of an organization that is ready to go to market. The internal alignment brand gives you has secondary effects too, like more efficient decision-making, a better understanding of product-market fit and inspired employees.

PurposeLed Brand Builder

How long does this course take to complete?

The PurposeLed Brand Builder takes about 30 hours to complete, 40 if you're the cautious type. Most people finish this work within 30 days.

Does this course include a logo or other visual elements?

No visual branding elements are included in the PurposeLed Brand Builder. We do offer a free module to graduates that walks them through the process of establishing visual style and content, and how to work with creatives to bring your brand to life. We also offer graduates discounted custom design services through our parent agency Famous Folks.

What's in it for me?

We talk a lot about the branding tools you come away with and how they will help you build a successful purpose-driven brand, but the biggest value lies in actually understanding the process of building a brand and being able to repeat the process with confidence in the future.

Who should take this course?

Any impact-minded business owner or leader who wants to make a difference and grow their business: startup founders, marketing directors, CEOs, solopreneurs, side hustle enthusiasts, content creators, etc.

I don't know anything about branding or marketing. Is this for me?

This course was designed with founders and business leaders with no branding or marketing experience in mind. Each module sets a foundation for knowledge before moving on to tool building exercises. And if at any time you feel like you need some extra help, you can upgrade to the Community Edition for email support or the Coaching Edition for group coaching support. Each of these editions give you access to the PurposeLed Slack Community which is filled with helpful people and exclusive content.

What is the Success Guide?

When you complete PurposeLed Brand Builder, you'll receive the Success Guide which shows you how to use the brand tools you've created to bring your brand to life with step-by-step solutions of some of the most common business problems you'll have, from building culture to making an Instagram post.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, PurposeLed Brand Builder is a digital product, so once you've downloaded it, you can't return it. If you purchased the product by mistake, please email us your concerns so we may address them.

Coaching and Support

How does coaching work?

Our coaching is done in hour-long group sessions on Zoom, twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (Eastern Time). You get 10 consecutive weeks of group coaching (20 sessions) when you purchase PurposeLed Brand Builder: Coaching Edition. This is more than enough time to complete the work, however, you may add an additional 4 weeks (8 sessions) for $1,000 USD. Coaching is great for those who are new to branding or marketing and want a little more support from Adam. You also benefit greatly from the other founders in the session and the feedback you'll give and receive that will help you validate your work (underrated!)

Can more people from my team join coaching?

Absolutely. Coaching support in the Coaching Edition covers a single brand or business, so you can bring your team along. In fact, we recommend it.

What does email support look like?

Email support is done using Loom video so you can screen share your work as you talk through your challenges. You will receive a video reply from Adam within 24 hours Monday through Friday (usually much sooner). Email support is included with both the Community Edition (5 weeks support) and Coaching Edition (12 weeks support) of PurposeLed Brand Builder. 

Are cohort sprints available?

Yes, cohort sprints are available in the Coaching Edition for groups of 10 individuals or brands. Please email us for a consultation.

What should I expect from the Slack community?

The PurposeLed Slack community is a great place to meet other impact-minded founders and entrepreneurs, give and receive advice as well as gain access to exclusive case studies, content and events.