Transform your business into a profitable force for good.

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Step-by-step Tool Building Course

The PurposeLed Brand Builder

A course that is so much more than a course. Inside you'll find all of the tools the best purpose-driven brands in the world use to drive engagement and build successful businesses inside and out. Build the only branding tools you will ever need!

Turn your business into a brand your customers love

  • Build loyal customers
  • Create content that connects
  • Convert more sales
  • Hire better employees
  • Increase the value of your
 product or service
  • Future-proof your business 
(and the world!)
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of respondents say the brands they buy make the world a better place.


Consumers are four times more likely to purchase from a company with a strong purpose.

What's included:

module 1 workbook

Video Lessons + Workbooks

(Digital Download)
Curated Assets

Curated Assets

(Digital Download)
Tools and Techniques

Tools & Techniques

(Digital Download)

What you walk away with:

Brand Strat Mod

Brand Strategy Guide

Your very own brand strategy guide that you build! A strategic roadmap for operations, marketing and growth.

Success Guide Book

Success Guide

Step-by-step instructions of how to use your brand tools to solve the most important business problems you will have from operations and hiring to content creation and working with creatives.

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Pro Branding Skills

The most successful leaders—Jobs, Musk, Benioff—have one thing in common: they understand branding. Not just the power of it but how to build it. And you will too.

See what the people are saying about the program

"We would highly recommend the PurposeLed Brand Builder to any startup or small business looking to quickly create a human-centric brand and learn from the process along the way."

Claudia Dionne
Marketing & Brand, Circa

“The way the course was presented, each module led into the next one really well and it also made us think of things - mainly our messaging, in a different way.”

Britt Warner
Customer Success Manager, Golden West

“With the PurposeLed Brand Builder, my messaging is easier to develop. I’ve been able to use the work for proposals and funding applications to grow my business."

Portrait of Jamal
Jamal Robinson
CEO and Co-founder, CEV Collection

“I’ve done a lot of courses, this is one of the few that I’ve actually finished.”

Portrait of Jesse
Jessie Stilson
Marketing Specialist, Plan Well

"I would rank it amongst the top programs I have participated in. The idea that there is even more content coming really excites me!"

Harland Brandon
PhD, CEO and Co-founder, Allos Bioscience
Course Outline

Guided exercises for building game-changing brand tools

Mod o work book

Module 0: Onboarding

(1 hour to complete)

4 Videos
1 Exercise

Tools You Build:
Social Movement
Short List

Mod 1 workbook

Module 1: Audit Brand

(2 hours to complete)

5 Videos
7 Exercises
Stakeholder Questionnaires
Email Scripts

Tools You Build:
Brand Attributes
Brand Features
Customer Pain Points

mod 2 work book

Module 2: Review Competition

(3 hours to complete)

5 Videos
9 Exercises
Category Trends Flash Cards
Global Mega Trends Flash Cards

Tools You Build:
Competitive Personas
Category Attributes

mod 3 workbook

Module 3: Define Difference

(3 hours to complete)

5 Videos
8 Exercises
Audience Digital Flash Cards

Tools You Build:
Audience Prototype
Brand Perception Map
Brand Position

mod 4 work book

Module 4: Identify Audience

(5 hours to complete)

5 Videos
15 Exercises
Big 6 Emotional Needs
Category Trends Flash Cards
Global Mega Trends Flash Cards

Tools You Build:
Ideal Customer Profile (B2B) Buyer PersonasPrimary Audience Profile

mod 5 work book

Module 5: Establish Purpose

(8 hours to complete)

5 Videos
15 Exercises
Golden Circle
High Emotional Value List Brand Values List

Tools You Build:
Purpose Prototype
Brand Purpose
Brand Values
Brand DNA
Brand Personality

mod 6 work book

Module 6: Brand Story

(8 hours to complete)

5 Videos
10 Exercises
Story Archetypes

Tools You Build:
Brand Story
Brand Messaging


  • All Workbooks
  • All Videos
  • All Asset Sets and Tools
  • Success Guide
  • Technical Support Only
  • All Workbooks
  • All Videos
  • All Asset Sets and Tools
  • Success Guide
  • 12 Weeks Email Video Support
  • Milestone Check-ins
  • 12 Weeks Group Coaching (2x Weekly Sessions)  


PurposeLed Brand Builder

How long does this course take to complete?

The PurposeLed Brand Builder takes about 25-30 hours to complete, 40 if you're the cautious type.

Does this course include a logo or other visual elements?

No visual branding elements are included in the PurposeLed Brand Builder. We do offer a free module to graduates that walks them through the process of establishing visual style and content which they can then use to guide the design phase. We also offer graduates discounted custom design services through our parent agency Famous Folks.

What's in it for me?

We talk a lot about the branding tools you come away with, but the biggest value lies in understanding the process of building a brand and being able to repeat the process with confidence in the future. 

Are cohort sprints available?

Yes, cohort sprints are available in the Coaching Edition for groups of 10 individuals or brands. Please [email us] for a consultation.

What does email support look like?

Email support is done using Loom video so you can screen share your work as you talk through your challenges. You will receive a video reply from Adam within 24 hours (usually much sooner).

Can more people from my team join coaching?

Absolutely. Coaching support in the Coaching Edition covers a single brand, so you can bring your team along.

Who should take this course?

Any impact-minded business owner or professional who wants to make a difference and grow their business: startup founders, marketing directors, CEOs, solopreneurs, side hustle enthusiasts, content creators, etc. 

Will this help me with marketing?

Yes, branding tools are the strategic framework that informs marketing. They take the guesswork out of content creation and are essential for effective marketing. 

I don't know anything about branding or marketing. Is this for me?

This course was designed with entrepreneurs with no branding or marketing experience in mind. Each module sets a foundation for knowledge before moving on to exercises. And if at any time you feel like you need some extra help, you can upgrade to the Community Edition for email support or the Coaching Edition for group coaching support. Each of these editions give you access to the PurposeLed Slack Community which is filled with helpful people.